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I can operate all types of HD Cameras, on a dolly, pedestal, tripod, monopod, handheld, steadicam, and steadijib. In addition to being a still photographer.

Dino M. Zaffina Camera is now the proud owner of a SteadiJib (manufactured by Rabbit Audio Video, Inc.). The first of its kind portable jib with an articulating camera mount.

What can be seen in the digital images on this website, is a SteadiJib on "steroids." I enchanced mine based on my knowledge and experience of what a Camera Operator/PSM would need to capture picture and sound for all types of industry productions.

Unlike a standard jib, the SteadiJib can be operated portably on a steadiarm, as well as from a hand-truck, a c-stand (on or off wheels), a combo stand, or a lighting stand. It can be operated virtually anywhere a sturdy baby pin is mounted. And, can be taken to any location.

The current camera captures video (4k, 1080p, 1080i) with internal or external time code, stereo sound, and stills. This particular Sony DSLR is capable of providing a picture with an extremely low light source.

The camera records on a SD Card. It can, however, feed external sources (e.g., Live-U or recorders such as the Sony PDW-F1600), as well as a direct feed to a control room or a production truck via the onboard converter. Also, an excellent feature, it can feed a laptop, tablet, or iPad for Facebook Live purposes.

Since the camera is a DSLR, it is capable of shooting high-resolution digital images from the same vantage points as video via a remote shutter trigger.

The camera is fed sound from a two-channel mixer. I have included a shotgun on the end of the SteadiJib to capture dialogue and ambient sounds. One or two RF hand mics can be provided to talent, as well as RF lavaliere mics.

This particular model is a twelve foot jib, thus, two feet counter balance, with a ten foot reach. It reduces in size to a total of four feet, thus, a two foot reach.

The SteadiJib is capable of being operated on many different productions.

  • Red Carpet (esp. Awards Shows­—capturing b-roll coverage up and down the carpet);
  • One or Multiple Camera Interviews (seated, standing, or walking);
  • Single and Multi Camera productions (on stage and on location);
  • Music videos, concerts, and clubs;
  • Sporting events;
  • Facebook Live; and
  • Anywhere the creative mind desires to shoot.

The digital images below provide an idea of what the SteadiJib is, but they truly do not do it justice. It would be best if you would allow me 15 minutes to conduct an in person demonstration.




MONITOR AND TABLET/IPAD (controls the camera by Wi-Fi)


ARTICULATING CAMERA MOUNT (360 degree pan and tilt)

ARTICULATING CAMERA MOUNT (360 degree pan and tilt)
SHOTGUN MIC TO MIXER AND LED (battery operated)


ON LOCATION (to shoot beach volleyball)


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