Article published in Dropline.biz on May 1, 2006

“It's Just What Happened” The Bill J. Hill Story

By Laurie Morton (co-authored by Dino M. Zaffina)

In his ‘Forward’ of his book “It’s Just What Happened” author Bill J. Hill writes, “My sole intention of the following is to entertain....” And entertain he does. Hill’s book consists of fifteen of the funny chapters of easy reading.

He tells these fifteen short stories of his real life events interwoven within a through-line story commencing with a car accident that he had on the way to workout at the gym one Monday afternoon.

For additional entertainment, Hill has included the talented works of multi-talented artist Maurice F. Morgan II. There are 20 illustrations, approximately one per chapter, that relate to the story being told.

As Bill also points out in his ‘Forward,’ “Everyone has stories of some kind. Human emotions are the same for all. Things happen....”  Bill J. Hill tells you what happened to him. You will undoubtedly relate to some or all of his short stories.

For more information on Bill J. Hill and “It’s Just What Happened” visit his official website at www.billjhill.com. To see incredible works of art created by Maurice F. Morgan II visit his official website at www.maurosart.com.

All of the following illustrations are the work of Maurice F. Morgan II.

Clean and Jerks
Clean and Jerks
Driver's Ed
Health Class
I Did
My Finger
A New Year's Eve Kiss
Picnic Table
Prom Night
Mayo Head
Big K
Solo Flight

All of the illustrations above are the work of Maurice F. Morgan II (www.maurosart.com).


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