Article published in Dropline.biz on November 7, 2005

That YIN YANG Thing “Where East Meets to Help You Master Life”

By Sarah D. Goldstein (co-authored by Dino M. Zaffina)

Sprouting from Louisville, Kentucky, Lee Reherman grew up with a standard upbringing. Lee was always an athlete and a good student; two assets that led him to the Ivy League school of Cornell University where he played football and was an All-American.

After he graduated with a BS in Communications, Lee jokingly said, “I played for the Miami Dolphins for a minute and got cut”; a rejection that he does not regret.

Thereafter, Reherman attended graduate school at UCLA where he received a MBA in Finance and Economics. His natural abilities and learned skills in time management, finance, and entrepreneurial, work well with That YIN YANG Thing.

In the early ‘90s, while in grad school, Lee became an American Gladiator. Unlike the thousands of individuals who aspired to be an American Gladiator by auditioning, Reherman was discovered. The business school that he attended held charity auctions. The Samuel Goldwyn Company, the company who produced the American Gladiator television show was at the event donating a prize.

The show’s staff was signing people up for American Gladiator tryouts.  Unbeknownst to him, Lee’s classmate and roommate signed him up. The show kept calling him, but Lee kept turning them down, “No, get lost,” he said. The casting department was persistent. Finally, the 6’4” 245 pound former offensive lineman decided to go to the tryouts. Six months later he became “Hawk” of the American Gladiators (1993-1996).

This was the start of Lee Reherman’s theatrical career. Over the last decade, Reherman has hosted numerous television shows and has acted in episodic television, sitcoms, and feature films. Some of his credits include, Hosting: Fiscally Fit, Arena, American Veteran Awards, World Stunt Awards, Cannonball Run, Fantasy Football Weekly, I Dare You, and Roller Jam; Television: Malcolm in the Middle, Navy NCIS, That’s So Raven, The Shield, Eve, X-Files, Angel, Gilmore Girls, Caroline in the City; and Feature Films: Hard Time, Heaven & The Suicide King, Crossfire, Champions, Downhill Willy, Last Action Hero.

Simultaneously, Lee started two companies using hisMBA education. One is an after school program.  Lee also advises individuals who are interested in small businesses and management.

When the producers of That YIN YANG Thing brought in a lot of different entrepreneurial and managerial types, Lee was one of the individuals considered because of his education, established success in the business world, and his in “your face high-energy.”

Many TV friendly people with television experience were considered for the two host spots. However, when Lee was paired up with John Fava it appeared to be magic. Lee and John were chosen as “Yin and Yang.” Lee represents the West (Yang) and Fava the East (Yin). John Fava is proficient in martial arts and has an alternative healing background as a craft. Both men are very genuine. They both believe in the stuff that they bring to the table in each episode.

That YIN YANG Thing is Lee and John helping out folks with their expertise.

Lee provides an example: “The first episode was about this speed dating company. There were two of the cutest young ladies that you have ever seen. They came to the table after starting this speed dating service. Their events are wonderful. There energy level between them was fantastic. However, they have no entrepreneurial skills and no management planning skills. So, what we do with these individuals is bring them to the table. We assess what we think these groups need.  John takes, (for a lack of a better way to phrase it), he takes the ‘loud mouth control freaks’ and calms them down, and I take the ‘wimps’ and toughen them up.”

Lee explains further, “We do tons of research before hand, so we have a good idea what we are up against. We bring them into the situation and hear their perspective. We assess the situation.  John and I decide between us what the best way to handle each individual group’s issues. We bring them back together after our boot camps. Hopefully, what we’ve done is gotten them to be much more effective and focused, and single-minded on what they are trying to accomplish.”

That YIN YANG Thing audience is provided an immediate near term payoff. Each episode shows a new group receiving help with an event or something that is coming up (e.g., a reunion, wedding), so each episode ends with a payoff of the particular event coming to fruition. The audience is able to follow through with the participants to see the advice that was given was used and if it provided the benefit to make the event more successful.

Lee Reherman and John Fava are positive, entertaining, helpful, playful, but most definitely real in their individual approaches. The following are a few examples on how the two men differ in their advice.

A “Time Management” tip from a Western Taskmaster and an Eastern Master:

Western: “Learn how to say ‘no.’ Most of us over-commit and we end up overwhelmed and unable to meet the schedule we’ve set for ourselves. Saying ‘yes’ to things you can’t accomplish puts you on the fast track to failure.”

Eastern: “In the morning, set an intention for your day. What are the three most important things you need to accomplish? Prioritize them in your mind and visualize yourself completing them. Keep that sense of focus throughout the day, you’ll use your time more effectively.”

“Harmony At Home” - Query: What can a family do to create calm at home?

West Answer: “In a well-run business, everyone has a clearly defined role. The same holds true for families. Take advantage of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t like to cook and your spouse does, you can do cleanup. Kids should have responsibilities appropriate to their age and skills. Make them feel valued and appreciated. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ can be the most harmonious words in the English language.”

East Answer: “Your environment is a reflection of your inner state. If you live in chaos, you’ll never feel peaceful inside. Get rid of clutter. Give everyone a job to do. Strive to create a harmonious environment and it will be easier to achieve harmony as a family. Create a special place at home, even if it’s just a cushion in the corner, where you feel comfortable and peaceful. Encourage each other to spend a few minutes in silent meditation each day. When everyone’s calm and energized, time at home will be more meaningful and productive.”

“Less Stress At Work” - Query: How can I eliminate stress at the office?

West Answer: “The best weapon against stress is organization. But no matter how organized we are and how well we plan, unexpected things happen. What do you do when someone throws a monkey wrench into your well-oiled machine? Remember the 3 ‘As.’Assess the changes and figure out what needs to be done. Adjust your schedule and expectations to come up with a new plan. Act quickly and decisively to implement your new plan.”

East Answer: “Once a day, find a quiet spot-even if you have to go sit in your car. Turn off your cell phone, close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply. With each inhalation, focus on the stress you’ve dealt with that day. As you exhale, release it completely. Relax and let your mind be still. If you spend just a few minutes each day being relaxed and present, you’ll lower your stress level substantially. Negative energy is toxic. People try to get rid of it by dumping it on someone else. Don’t spend time with negative people in the office. Keep a positive outlook and focus on solutions, not problems.”

That YIN YANG Thing premiered Friday, October 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT and airs on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons through November 26, 2005. Check TLC’s official website at www.tlc.com for additional information.

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